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Toastmaster of the Year

2022 – Scott Bradley
2021 – Rob Ross
2020 – Ashley Weil
2019 – Lori Bradshaw
2018 – Chie Kawahara
2017 – Gale McCreary
2016 – Lisa Seace
2015 – Megan Mackenzie
2014 – Ken Braly
2013 – Dennis Grady
2012 – Tom Ginsburg
2011 – Bill Fitler
2010 – Pat Garcia
2009 – Dennis Grady
2008 – Pat Garcia

At the beginning of each year, Santa Cruz Downtown Toastmasters elects a Toastmaster of the Year for the prior calendar year.

The Toastmaster of the Year is a member who has contributed to the quality of Santa Cruz Downtown Toastmasters in some significant way. This can be accomplished by being the “spark” in our meetings, demonstrating great personal growth, acting as an exemplary leader, volunteerism, going the “extra mile,” and consistently contributing to a positive, supportive, encouraging club atmosphere.

Here are the suggested criteria for club members to use in determining an appropriate recipient.

General Qualifications:

  • Membership in SCDTM for a minimum of nine months.
  • Regularly attends club meetings.
  • Consistently provides support and encouragement to other members.
  • Extends herself or himself to guests and attempts to make them comfortable.
  • Does any job he or she is assigned with enthusiasm and creativity.
  • Volunteers to fill in for members who are not present to perform duties.
  • Makes himself or herself available to other club members.
  • Volunteers to undertake special assignments which enhance the quality of the club (e.g. making special purchases for the club, promoting the club to other individuals/organizations, researching information, organizing special events, acting as liaison to other clubs and TM officials, etc.)
  • Demonstrates above-average individual growth as a Toastmaster.
  • Whether in an officer position or not, demonstrates notable leadership skills by taking initiative, actively participating in club meetings, properly planning meeting agendas, and running meetings effectively.

Extracurricular TM Activities:

In addition to the above, the individual may also do one or more of the following which may influence a member’s decision to vote for her/him. (This list is not intended to be all-inclusive, and an individual may demonstrate commitment in other ways not mentioned here.)

  • Actively participates in club contests.
  • Pursues growth through Pathways or other Toastmasters designations
  • Serves as a club officer.
  • Serves as an area, division, or district officer.
  • Brings in new members.
  • Fills in for absent officers.
  • Develops and implements a unique, unusual, or beneficial club program or activity.
  • Volunteers to perform duties at area contests, division contests, and district conferences.
  • Serves as a mentor to members.